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Need a hand getting established in Europe? Or how about in N. America? EURCANNA will get you the introductions you need to exploit the market you´re interested in. Or join our fund where we incubate exciting young companies to grow into tomorrow´s leading cannabis companies.

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EURCANNA distributes a wide range of products related to the cannabis sector. From vape pens to edibles to flower we have a product that will interest you. Wholesale and retail. Take a peek inside!



Whether in Europe or N. America EURCANNA will help get your product to market quickly and effectively . And by taking advantage of our advanced social media algorithms your products will be laser focused towards your intended target audience.

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In this exciting new era of CETA, EURCANNA aims to be a leader in connecting companies and people from both sides of the Atlantic. With our depth of knowledge in both N. America and Europe Eurcanna can become your indespenible partner for opening markets for all your needs and products.

About Eurcanna

Cultivating Growth
Years of experience in the cannabis sector

EURCANNA was created in 2017 with the passion to create opportunities in the cannabis space both in North America and Europe. With Canada becoming fully legal by July 2018 and Germany having recently legalized cannabis for medical use, EURCANNA is convinced that the sector is just in its infancy and will become a major influence in each area´s respective economy.

With over 15 year´s of experience in the cannabis space, EURCANNA´s team is ideally established to become your partner in this sector. We cover both continents with four languages, years of experience in corporate, entrepreneurship and in funding start-ups. Our dedication to client satisfaction is what drives us, whether in our retail sales or the services we provide. Using traditional handshake relationship building or using the latest most sophisticated technological tools EURCANNA will pull at no stops at make each and every client completely satistfied. Come, join us on our adventure…

  • Over 15 years experience in the cannabis sector.

  • On-line secure payment and flexible refund policy.

  • Quality control ensures the reliability of the product.

  • Special selection of the best products for you.

The eurcanna team

Dedicated and results driven

Martin Weller

CEO – Germany
Mr. Weller´s lengthy experience in the oil sector as Sales & Marketing Director, VP Personnel, VP Risk Management and Global Liaison makes him our ideal leader for heading EURCANNA´s venture.

tim Mccool

Canada Division
15 years of experience accumulated in the cannabis sector plus his extensive knowledge in construction & real estate we are fortunate to have Mr. McCool as head of our Canadian division.


Spain Division
EURCANNA´s Spain division is headed by Thomas Weller who´s many years of local experience in the retail, hospitality and construction sectors makes him our ideal opportunity finder.


Medical Advisor
10 year chairperson for the Association of Private Hospitals in Germany´s most populous state, and private hospital owner, Mrs. Bergmann´s depth of knowledge of Germany´s health sector is invaluable to EURCANNA´s team.

Jon McGoey

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